The best Aptamil of all time – ProFutura follow-on milk introduced in the innovative SAFEBOX Aptamil has introduced the SAFEBOX to make feeding follow-on milk more hygienic, convenient and protected. Not only the high quality ingredients, but also the design, build up a new standard in its category. The valuable nutrients are now double protected. The packaging is sealed by a temper evidence (quality seal) and a secure foil. This way, additional protection of the powder is guaranteed. Designed with a wider opening, a lower height together with a longer scoop, the SAFEBOX ensures a convenient handling and precise dosaging, even with one hand. The scoop holder is designed to reduce the risk of skin contact. The interaction of elegant silver and plain blue altogether with shining elements gives the SAFEBOX a modern appearance. Due to its stylish design, the SAFEBOX fits into every modern kitchen and it will be indispensable for young families who bottle feed their babies.

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