allb is a smart wearable device for infants that can be used for babies aged 0-24 months. It attaches to the diaper or waistband and monitors your baby’s respiration, skin temperature, and whether your baby is sleeping in the prone position. It then transmits this data to your smartphone through our allb app. allb is quick and easy to attach, but designed using two-directional sawteeth to ensure that it cannot fall off or be removed by your baby. allb’s slightly inclined sides make it easier for parents to grip. In order to be soft to the touch and safe for your baby, we designed allb with a circular shape and no corners or edges. In order to be safe for baby’s sensitive skin, we used non-toxic, medical grade silicon for the part of allb that makes contact with the baby’s skin. This material, in addition to being gentle and safe for baby’s skin, also prevents your baby from feeling uncomfortable by cold plastic or having skin trouble. the LED light is located at the lowest part of the device so that it won’t be covered by your baby’s shirt. Another strong point of allb is that it can continue to be worn regardless of your baby’s size.

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