As the earth continues to heat up, the ecological environment is destroyed, the penguin endangered,we appeal consumers to love the Earth.
We combine with the portable and squeeze-type filter on the design, filtered water reaches or even surpasses the high standard of direct drinking water, which can effectively remove impurities, sediment, rust, residual chlorine, fluorine, peculiar smell, bacteria in the water, and at the meanwhile maintain the water-base balance and retain the mineral constituents in water. The 300ml volume is more suitable for children, and the bottle is designed to bionic the penguin’s cute appearance, which is in line with children’s preferences. Silicone bottle covers protect children from injuries.
The shape is like a new to be feeding baby penguin who enjoy the environmental and social care.
With the concept of environmental protection (continuous use, reduce bottled water) ,we designed a series of products in a penguin appearance,with the simplifying functions and improving the traditional filter kettle waste time to wait ,also use the high-quality materials,perfect presents a simple, pure and creative product.

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