Gululu Talk – the interactive water bottle hydrating kids for fun learning and healthy habit that can last for a lifetime! Gululu is a 3-in-1 solution to poor hydration combining a sleek design water bottle, a hydration tracking device, and an educational game on an embedded screen, with automatic software and content updates.

Gululu brings virtual pets to life who motivate children to develop proper hydration habits. As kids drink water from their Gululu bottles their pets talk, evolve, go on adventures, and earn virtual rewards. Healthy hydration is no longer a bore or a chore, but an educational and fun game!

Gululu is a high-tech, low-fuss solution to poor hydration habits for kids (and even playful adults!). The Gululu updates parents of their children’s health goals, sets school and sleep modes, and allows children to add friends in the Gululu world. Wi-Fi connected, durable, 100% BPA-Free, and FDA and EFSA compliant, Gululu is ideal for children 3 and older.

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