The Fever Nurse Continuous Thermometer put an effort to achieve a solution on how to monitor baby’s body temperature conveniently and consistently for family (especially during night time). This product has a real-time body temperature recording and high fever automatic alarm system with display accuracy of 0.01 C and measure tolerance of +/-0.1 C. It gives your baby more cares and also saves you from checking your baby’s temperature repeatedly late in the night. When used in hospital, it can also save the nurse’s trouble of measuring temperature for patient every day, and avoid the secondary infection from medical thermometer.
The product has lightweight hand feeling, free to bend to fit the child’s body shape; The appearance and color suits for young children, and two wear modes is designed for various experience requirements; 3M medical silicone gel tape for easy tear and easy stick; The fabric bandage is light and soft. In summary of those above features, this product has a comprehensive solution to eliminate a variety of issues from traditional thermometer such as not suitable for continuous measuring and bad experiences such as requires a passive cooperation of your child.

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