This Thomas Music Electric Toothbrush is specially designed for 3-6-year-old children. The design of this toothbrush is combined with a variety of elements in cartoon “Thomas and his friends”, Thomas is the favorite cartoon image for many children. The toothbrush handle make use of the shape of chimney, the rail on the back has played a non-slip effect. The end of the brush head uses silicone material to make brushing teeth more safe, large buttons are also designed specifically for the babies. In addition, there are many humanized detailed designs such as the guidance design for inserting and extracting when using wireless charging base.
Toothbrush can not only play children’s favorite music, as well as have the function of the music baton. With the toothbrush swing, music will changes following the rhythms, making the boring brushing process a music concert of their own, encouraging the babies to cultivate a good habit of brushing teeth.

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