THE WOOL NEST BY MOKEE The Wool Nest is our modern take on Moses basket. It is a cosy and comfortable bassinet for babies up to 6 months. Made of the best quality wool, it will make baby feel as cosy as in the womb. Amazing felt qualities create a perfect environment for baby to relax. Its round shape muffles noise and keeps out drafts, it is soft but sturdy. It is a great sleeping solution that fits in a tiny apartment and next to your bed during those first few months. Rest Wool Nest on the Stand Rest Wool Nest on this specially designed stand. Foldable and very easy to build. Our basket stand in our famous Stone Teal Shade (grey) will be your perfect companion next to your bed for an easy access to baby. It sets Wool Nest at the perfect height for comfortably getting baby in and out of the basket, without straining your back. For extra safety we applied stabilizing cotton straps and wooden retaining bars. The stand is made from solid birch wood and has two coats of free solvent, water base paint. It folds away for easy storage and transport.

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