Teemo @ Home is an internet smart robot, which designed as a companion for Children.
As a home-based AI Robot, with the “Home” button on the front, child can connect their parents; it also support quartet video call enhances the communication to other family members. Children can talk with this robot supported by AI platform. It can connect with multi-device, such as Teemo Children Positioning Watch, smart phones.
The outline is well rounded, no edges and corners. Cute simple bionic “robot” shape to pass the vitality and affinity, to shorten the distance between this robot and the children, the surface is coated rubber paint, making the robot more natural and friendly interactive experience. The body back has a runway shape of the guide hole to enhance bass sound quality.
Teemo @ Home has a “bionic” spindle shape. Metal grid cover speaker module. Round “Home” button surrounded light band to present science and technology feeling. It has 2 parts connected by damping shaft, head can rotate -5°~30°to adapt more Scenario.
Two sets of headband can cover the camera when it is necessary for privacy security, they can match robot head with mechanical structure and magnet.

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