SpaceCot is the lightest, easiest and fastest full-size folding travel cot.
Three years ago we had the simple idea of adapting elements of tried and tested space technology for use in domestic products.
With help from the ESA we began working with the folding structures used by their Alpha satellites We felt one product that would benefit from a fresh injection of innovation was the Childs travel cot.
Existing products we knew that existing full-size cots were heavy,cumbersome and above all, awkward to put up and that, as well as addressing these main issues, any new design should be elevated above the floor and be able to fold with a more substantial mattress fitted.
It’s patented lightweight folding frame and child safety locks allow SpaceCot to unfold in one second and fold-up again in three without the need to bend down, while remaining rigid and sturdy when in use. The unique design also allows a crib to be fitted for use in the first 8 months of the Childs development and,unlike other products on the market, SpaceCot can also fold fold with the crib fitted.
SpaceCot has passed the latest versions of all the UK, European and Chinese safety tests and is a gamer changer!

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