The humanized design of baby crib, originates from the elements of warm bird’s nest, which provides baby with protection and care. The barrier-free opening deign enables baby-mother inter-action, and at the same time helps baby observe the surroundings without blocking view; high and low fence can effectively protect the baby’s safety, and also let mother feel much easily while breast-feeding babies, and observe the baby at any time. 1. No sharp edges design: The turning point is circular arc which ensures the security of the baby, Inside overall soft package structure offers baby with care, which highlights the tender and safe of the “nest”. 2. Human-Friendly height: Reduced height of the baby bed can not only prevent the baby crossing the crib and then avoid getting hurt, but also let parents interact with the baby with the most comfortable posture. 3. Composed design: The combination of crib and nursing bed satisfy the needs of the baby, it is more convenient for mothers to pick & place baby supplies while taking care of the baby.

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