This is a baby sleeping bag, made with 3D fabric, It is a storage backpack and also a portable crib. The new application of materials: 3D fabrics are used in the package, making it more breathable, comfortable and environmentally friendly. The inner layer is made by solid 3D fabric while the outer layer is the comfortable, soft skin-friendly 3D fabric. It’s easy to clean and quickly dried. Appearance is a simple backpack with single shoulder strap and double shoulder strap which both are available for different habits of the crowd. It’s built-in storage package for the mobile and putting the bag can be a good store essential travel items, and at hone can also be a separate out as a vessel to use. It can be used in different location. There are baby pillows and comfortable 3D mattress in the bag, which is a simple and portable crib, easy for baby to rest outdoors, and also convenient for parents when dealing with baby’s diapers and feeding and so on. It is designed to create a reasonable baby outdoors in small space, and more convenient for parents taking baby travel so as to create a comfortable, lightweight, stylish, and environmentally friendly way to travel.

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