The Shelter is a multifunctional baby carrier (min. 3.5 kg to max. 8 kg) that can also be used as a comfortable car seat wrapping blanket, invented for any group 0+ car seat. Once your baby is too big to be carried horizontally and is able to sit independently, you can use the Shelter as a hip carrier (up to 12 kg, approx. 18 months).
The Shelter wraps under the safety belts and fix between the legs trough an opening what closes with Velcro. Which means that you can place the wrap-cape annex baby carrier in a portable car seat, without disturbing your baby when it’s taking a nap. Besides that, it is easy to turn the wrap-cape into a baby carrier just by hanging the Shelter around your shoulder to take your child everywhere you want to go.
According to the safety regulations, in the event of an accident you must be able to remove your child from the car seat in two operations. Unlocking the safety belt is the first operation and removing your child from the car seat is the second operation. The Shelter therefore complies with the security regulations (EN:13209-2:2005 norm for baby slings), because the safety belts of the car seat are fastened over the Shelter.

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