Toxins in plastic baby bottles that are hazardous to our babies, millions of baby bottles, sippy cups and kids water bottles ending up in landfills….organicKidz wanted to find a better solution for our children and for our planet so we created the world’s first stainless steel baby bottles and first thermal baby bottles. Stainless steel is the safest material to manufacture baby bottles from because it doesn’t contain BPA, BPS or other toxins like plastic bottles do and it won’t shatter like glass can. Our thermal ‘Baby Grows Up’ kit is the first thermal life bottle set and keeps liquids hot/cold for 6+ hours. This makes play dates, outings and travel so much easier. It transitions your child from Baby Bottle to Sippy Cup to lunch box ready Water Bottle by simply attaching the accessories included in the kit as your Baby Grows Up. By using only one bottle for all feeding stages, parents no longer have to purchase multiple feeding products and less plastic and glass bottles and sippy cups are ending up in landfills. We wanted to make the safest, healthiest and greenest baby bottles, but we also wanted to add a design element that made them the ‘coolest’ baby bottles too!

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