When your child’s diaper has become wet, SmartDiaper will notify you by sending an alert to your smartphone, allowing you to immediately understand your child’s comfort level.
The SmartDiaper app is quick and easy to install, and also easy to use, making it a breeze to take care of your little one.
Today’s busy parents have so much on their plates, it can be easy to forget to check your baby’s comfort level. Whether you’re driving on-the-go, doing housework, or just getting in some me time, SmartDiaper is there to gently remind you about your child’s diaper conditions.
In addition, SmartDiaper also provides info to parents on how frequently the baby wets the diaper, as well as a special anti-loss function that alerts you when SmartDiaper disconnects from your smartphone.

Big help in a small package
With a thickness of only 12mm when attached to the diaper, the baby won’t feel burdened by the incredibly small addition to their wardrobe.

Easy to clean
Only two steps to clean it: Remove the silicone cover, and wipe down the silicone outer-shell and the sensor body, and you’re done!

Designed with babies in mind
SmartDiaper is durable and reliable, and attaches tightly to

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