Nomi is an innovative high chair with focus on functionality, ergonomics and safety. It can be used from new born to the teenage years. For infants the Nomi Baby recliner can be attached. For children at the age of 6+ months Nomi is fitted with seat, baby restraint and footrest. The restraint is easily attached and removed by hand. Also the seat height as well as the footrest is adjusted without tools – and stepless. The seat depth is automatically adjusted thanks to the special shaped stem, and wheels on the rear legs reduce the risk of tilting backwards. Nomi weighs only 4.9 kilos and can be hung on the table. The weight and the open design of the chair makes it easy for the child to get up and down by itself. Because of the wheels the child can easily pull itself to the table when seated. According to the designer the human body has to sit active and be able to move in order to sit well. Therefore the ergonomic design of Nomi provides the child a safe and stable platform for active and various seating positions. Furthermore the use of plastic made it possible to create a chair with organic forms. Nomi complies with the latest international safety standards.

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