Memola is a multisensory cradle that grows with the child and promotes it steadily in its development. It consists at the same time of a cradle, a sensory basket and a swing. It is easy to reconstruct Memola and adapt it to the child’s development until the age of 12.

The unique design, which has been developed with pediatric neurologists, also supports several aspects of child development.

Transparent walls allow the baby to perceive the environment and keep eye contact with the parents. It is unique that the toddler, at the same time lying on the belly, can see and swing. In doing so, it tries to lift the head by itself and interacts with the environment. This strengthens the neck muscles and balances and supplements the entire motor system.

The clear design, as well as the round shape of Memola, which allows access from each side, adapts to every environment.

The cradle is compact and light, can be packaged flat – within a short period of time – into a travel bag and is therefore mobile. The cradle consists of certified textiles, wood and aluminum. All textile parts are washable.

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