Multiplo is a highchair that is used for babies between 12-36 months by 25-35 years old
upper middle-income parents and it is designed to take up the least amount of space of
medium-sized houses when it loses the use of it. Multiplo is able to turn to alternative products
when the lifetime of the product is over. The product can function in two different ways
since the foot and seat unit can be seperated from each other. The cloth bag that is prepared
for the foot unit can be conbined with the pulley fixed on the feet and that combination
can be used as a basket to collect the child’s toys. The seat unit can be used in differ
ent areas as it can get separeted from the booster chair after the age of 4. Multiplo is made
from different materials as the foot units are made from birch plywood, the seating units are
made from BPA-free plastic, and the commissures are made from metal.

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