The square bottle is featured as the top of a square cube like a dice in a square shaped body. This water bottle, which is a concept with a square on the square, was designed with the size of the hand so that it would be familiar for children between 7 and 12 years old to give a cute but toy-like feeling with the rounded corner to stimulate curiosity. The square shaped body has a sense of stability feeling of grip while it does not roll well when carried in a bag, and has a space utilization advantage compared to a cylindrical water bottle. And, the rounded cube-shaped lid is designed to make it easier for children with weak hands to turn.When you want to open the lid, you can smoothly cover the entire lid by hand, so that you can comfortably open with less effort. The spout of the water bottle is designed to be narrower and longer in the middle for easy drinking by the children, narrowed in the middle, and wider as it gets closer to the mouth. This is because the water spout To prevent water from spilling out. when it come to color, we tried to create a soft and warm atmosphere by applying low saturation pastel colors. The finish give a soft and matte feel with fine corrosion.

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