Love … of a mom for her child!
"I always thought that baby cots with all those vertical bars resembled a prison and I didn’ t want my child felt locked in a cage! I imagined a bed … totally transparent, from which the child could see all around discovering the world around him and viceversa his mother could look at it from every angle …… so , with all the love of a mother to her baby during pregnancy, I've been thinking about this bed and all the necessary features to better accommodate my baby … and all children of the world! " (Arch. Lara Grana, ecodesigner)

A functional & safe design Cot for your baby

The last luxury in nursery interiors: the Invisible cot Gabriel !
the first 100% recyclable, non-toxic, acrylic crib on the market.
Each unique piece is exclusive, limited edition, customized and original.

The Invisible cot Gabriel is an original design object, unique and exclusive, never the same, produced only on demand, upon specific request and always customizable.
It fits any need of your child and any interior style, from classic to modern design.
It’s made ​​exclusively of best quality PMMA-methacrylate (Plexiglas), without any nails or glue, nor screw (causing electromagnetism) only simple joints.
Methacrylate (PMMA), unique material, make sure the item for children, (as shockproof and unbreakable) and it’s made according to EU safety standards: UNI EN 71-3:2008 (Safety of Toys-migration of elements).
It 's totally Ecological (LCA), Non-toxic, hygienic, 100% Recyclable and Convertible.

A totally transparent baby's cot
The Invisible cot Gabriel is completely transparent (more than glass), bright and shiny, easy to clean with soap and water and with a 100% cotton cloth (no solvents)
Its transparency makes it very enjoyable to children, who can see all around "discovering the world around" and viceversa parents can look at them from every angle … and more transparency making attractive and innovative design!
Original version: colorless transparent
Other colors are possible methacrylate, more or less transparent, to choose from a range of 6 or 10 soft colors bright colors.

Unique & exclusive design object always customizable
The Invisible cot Gabriel is always Customizable (price included) with any designs, shapes, lettering and your favorite characters tales, making it more exclusive, unique and original!
Each cot can be customized by choosing among choice of examples proposed by Ecobabydesign (min.30)

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