The Difrax S-bottle warmer is the first and only baby bottle warmer which heats up (breast) milk and water from within to the ideal temperature of 37 °C, very fast in 3 minutes and easy with the one touch operation. The milk is heated by an unique patented heating element inside the bottle. The device automatically turns off at 37°C which makes this new way of warming the S-bottle warmer energy efficient and reliable. The nutritional value and vitamins of (breast) milk are retained (no hot spots in contrast to classic heating in microwave or pan). You can feed your baby directly from the S-bottle with the heating element still attached. The anti-colic system and the ergonomic design, which are the advantages of the S-bottle, are retained consequently. The S-bottle warmer is the first and only electronic device that is dishwasher safe and results in a hygienic practice. The S-bottle warmer is portable; your baby’s milk can be kept at the correct temperature anywhere and anytime. The cutting edge compact design is an accessory in your kitchen, bedroom or baby room. The Difrax S-bottle warmer is developed with passion to make a difference for babies and parents around the world!

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