The cradle combines health, design and sustainability including the Cradle-to-Cradle principle. Only natural materials are used. The cradle is made of 100% Austrian stone pine without metal or synthetic substances. The body consists a box, 2 skids and wooden screws and can be assembled as easy as pie. The face protection ist prouduced out of felt. The cradle comes with a coconut mattress which contains sheep wool and linen. The stone pine, also called the “queen of the alps” has a significant positive health effect. This expressed itself in a lower heart rate during physical and mental stress situations and following rest phases and / or during an accelerated autonomic recovery process. The cradle has the standardized bed height, so parents can set up the cradle right next to their bed. Furthermore the processed natural materials are recommended by GEPS to prevent infant death. According to the cradle-to-cradle principle, wood residues are used to manifacturuing pillows and other give-aways. The cradle is a long-lasting product, which can passed on from generation to generation. The materials can be recycled completely. By request, the cradle can be manifactured without knots.

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