At present, the quality of life for young children to improve the quality of attention, increase the degree of concern.Baby nutrition feeder is an auxiliary tool for feeding the child, training children self feeding.This bag is different from the market structure to bite to bite the general bag: 1.the feeder has a large capacity of food storage bag. Currently on the market are directly feeders, the food will be placed in contact with the mouth of the silica gel mesh bag and no separate bulk food storage bags. 2. the bite bag with anti reflux function. Use your hands to food storage bags of food extrusion to silica gel mesh bag and loosen the hand after the food is in a silica gel mesh bag and can prevent the food counter to food storage bag.This product has the anti reflux function principle is: in the food storage bag bag and silica gel silica gel is arranged between the valves and valve holder, hand press food storage bag, bag of positive pressure valve away from the silica gel silica gel food, the valve and the valve holder gap and flowing into the silica gel bag, after releasing the hand. Silicone valve to restore the normal, silicone valve and the valve fixing frame fit, food

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