BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One Air has a new, softer mesh fabric with a more on-trend look. The fabric is exclusively made for BabyBjörn and it’s more comfortable against the baby’s delicate skin. The latest version of the BabyBjörn classic is even more pliable, so it’s easy to feel if the baby is sitting in a natural, ergonomic position. The maximum seat width is wider, with a zip that can be locked in any position, and the head support is higher.
Baby Carrier One Air makes babywearing much cooler for baby and parent. It’s made almost entirely from an airy, lightweight mesh and this helps to reduce perspiration. Less fabric and padding make it sustainable for the environment, more flexible and it enhances breathability and closeness when babywearing.
It’s easy and safe to switch between several front and back babywearing options. The size, seat area and head support are fully adjustable, which means the baby carrier can be adapted to fit the growing baby and changing needs, as well as to different babywearers. A sturdy waist belt and padded shoulder straps relieve pressure on the back and shoulders and make babywearing comfortable. From 0-3 years. Also available in a cotton version.

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