The 1st bathtub to keep bath water at the right temperature! Bathing is a time of complicity between baby and his parents but also a source of anxiety regarding safety. They are afraid of their baby getting cold during the bath and consider that most of the bathtubs are not comfortable enough. Our innovation process places the usage at the core of product development and we created a bathtub that enables sweet bathing time, providing the perfect water temperature during all the bath length, and bringing a perfect comfort to the baby. Thanks to its patented Warm Diffuser System, Aquanest keeps bath water at the right temperature during 10 minutes, while in a classical bathtub, the temperature is quickly falling after 2/3 minutes. Very easy to use, the Warm Diffuser System has to be warmed in a microwave, and then, plugged on the bathtub bottom. Inside the shell is hidden a natural material that gently diffuses warmness in the water. The Aquanest also grows with the baby. One side is dedicated to newborns comfort (0-6), the other side to seated babies. Its lines are ergonomic and give baby a real freedom of movement while making it easier for parents to wash him/her.

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