The rockaRoo flips the traditional swing on its head – literally – by moving the pivot point below the seat. The seat maximizes baby’s sensation of motion with a much smaller design.

The decision to flip the swing upside down began with the insight that rocking is more efficient than swinging to create the sensation of motion, a feeling controlled by the inner ear. In a traditional swing, baby’s head is close to the pivot point above the seat and doesn’t move very far. In the 4moms rockaRoo, baby’s head moves more given the greater distance from the pivot point beneath the seat. The increased movement increases baby’s sensation of motion, which translates to more effective soothing.

The 4moms team believes that “Everything Matters”. Attention was paid to every detail in design – from noise reduction to seat fabric. The seat base is sculpted with sophisticated surfaces and tension lines inspired by automotive, athletic and electronic industries. The user interface is minimal and intuitive.

4moms has redefined the $8.9 billion juvenile product industry with dramatically better baby gear products that are better for baby and easier for parents.

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