4moms, a robotics company that makes high-tech baby gear, debuted the new 4moms mamaRoo, the first-ever, app-controlled infant seat. It reimagines the traditional swing in function, size, shape and design, and is packed with advanced technology and intelligence. The mamaRoo is the only seat that moves like parents do when comforting their babies. To create natural movements, 4moms used accelerometer vests to identify parents’ motion patterns and then developed software and a dual-axis coordinated motion robotic platform to replicate those patterns. The Bluetooth-enabled seat allows parents to control motion and sound from an iOS or Android device. The user interface, including an LCD screen, is minimal and intuitive and the Bluetooth Low Energy is designed for fast connections and short bursts of data transfer rather than streaming audio which can disturb a resting baby. The sleek design is sculpted in sophisticated surfaces and tension lines inspired by the auto, athletic and electronic industries. The crisp, modern design and matte finish complement a home’s décor unlike many traditional baby products. App link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/4moms/id943059259?mt=8

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