Traditional bouncers have limited features and visual appeal, with loud patterns on fabric stretched over hanger-like wires. We believed that bouncers would be better if they provided thoughtful motion options along with a modern design. That’s why we created the 4moms® bounceRoo™ infant seat. We worked closely throughout the bounceRoo’s development to create a seat that is the perfect balance of sophisticated design and a highly functional machine. The goal of this design is to support the child inside a comfortable, floating seat.  The design includes articulated arms that are virtually hidden behind the seat fabric, giving the illusion of a suspended seat.  These arms are collapsible, making it easy for parents to transport the seat, a significant difference from other bouncers.  The design not only allows for a bouncing motion created by the baby’s movement, but also provides three unique vibration modes; heartbeat, wave and bee, through a hidden battery-powered vibration box under the seat. There are three fabric options, offering a sophisticated color palette and subtle pattern choices that complement a modern home décor.

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