Traditional high chair trays are tricky. We believed that high chairs would be better if the tray was simple to use and easier to clean. That’s why we created the 4moms high chair using the magic of magnets. Just hover the tray close to the seat and the magnetic latches magically lock and attach the tray into place, unlike traditional high chair trays that require two hands to attach. The tray surface is also magnetic, which holds 4moms plates and bowls in place – making mealtime less stressful. The 4moms high chair also features a removable, foam seat insert; doing away with the difficult-to-clean fabric lining of traditional high chairs, and eliminating cracks and crevices to present parents with an easy-to-clean experience.  This intuitive functionality meets a handsome aesthetic, available in three color combinations specifically designed to complement the contemporary kitchen.  Its dynamic profile, sculptured form, and taunt crease lines define the high chair’s composition, which works together with considerate detailing and sophisticated material finishes to create one cohesive design.  The combination of functionality and aesthetics makes for a high chair unlike any other.

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