As one of the biggest Internet Security Companies in China, 360 launches a series of smart devices in order to protect kids’ safety, one of them is 360 Kids Watch X1 Pro. 360 Kids Watch X1 Pro designed primarily for teenagers around their safety and sports scenes. On the one side, parents can view the real-time location of teenagers, make a phone call or send voice messages by APP on the smart phone. On the other side, teenagers can send one-click SOS signal when encounter danger.

360 Kids Watch X1 Pro has firm design style, great feeling of outdoor and also its black and white color make the watch more versatile. The NCVM back shell improves the quality and lightness, which makes children have great adventure and sports experience. IPX7 waterproof level is enough to support any water environment. 4G network and HD camera in the front helps parents to have a video chat with kids at anywhere, which not only share the happy moment but also protect safety of kids. Meanwhile, high-precision sensor will calculate accurate kids data, such as steps, calories, position, track, distance, to let scientific data accompany during childhood.

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