Curaprox baby pacifier are available in soothing pink, blue and amber. The three sizes are adapted to the babies’ weight and development stages. The teat has a specially designed orthodontic wing shape, which studies suggest to have a beneficial effect. In orthodontic practice, Curaprox baby pacifier can prophylactically prevent crossbite and even help correct existing dental malposition. A flexible membrane simulates the mother’s nipple and perceptively raised bumps promote a natural swallowing process. The pacifier clip is attached to the hinge of the dirt protective box . The pacifier with mounted clip can be inserted through a front slot in the box . The pacifier clip, that is created from a single plastic part, is dissolved at the side buttons by mutual pressing again. By filling water to the mark, the loose pacifier can be sterilised in a microwave oven. The pacifier ‘s clip ensures safe and simple handling. The teething ring with its diverse textures and its rattle as well as its soft bristles has been developed as a precursor for the toothbrush. Ideal sensory stimuli are provided haptically by the product’s hard and soft elements and visually by its soothing colours.

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