The design has its focus on the mind of building an animal farm within our home for our lovely babies. It is devised to deliver the sense of exchange as an animal to cozily embrace our babies, and through this endeavor, the design is to bring sense of emotional stability for babies. It is very simple style of soft chair, but the design point is on showing the features of animals for easy identification.
Appearance of 3-year old child on soft chair is shown like an animal for cute showing to heighten the sense of love between the child and parents. Different from existing soft chair, the seat and back support have the design with bio-engineering method to set the correct posture of infants. The weight of 2.5kg or less allows child to freely move around to play. If the outer fabric is contaminated during the use, the zipper is easily opened to wash and replace the slip cover in its design.
The materials used are 100% non-toxicity brushed cotton, non-toxic elastomer, non-toxic plastic zipper and non-toxic vegetable adhesives. This is indispensable choice for young infants, the users.

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