The PUREBED is a unique air purification system specifically developed for babies.

It´s purpose is to provide clean air and oxygen for babies during their sleep (up to 70% of their day). By implementing O2U’s patented AIRSPHERE technology, two diffusers arms deliver a cloud of oxygen-rich purified air, which is free of industrial gases, fine dust, pollen, VOCs, etc.
More importantly, the PUREBED remains very effective even when windows are open near the baby. This is particularly relevant in large cities with pollution problems, since closing the windows might prevent pollutants from reaching the baby, but it also blocks the supply of fresh oxygen.
The PUREBED’s HEPA and active carbon filter ensures the supply of clean air and oxygen to the baby, which is of outmost importance for his health.
The PUREBED is unobtrusively placed under the baby’s bed. The diffusers, which transport the cleaned air from the filtration unit, are held securely into place by two magnetic holders.
The PUREBED can also be used as powerful room air cleaner. By simply removing the diffusers, the exceptional 24V blower can provide the same function as a conventional air purifier.

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