PortaPlay is uniquely designed with several superior features : 1) It folds easily for maximum portability and space saving. 2) It bounces by way of elastic bands within the seat, allowing a lighter, streamlined design compared to a spring based product. 3) It transforms into a Play Table. This great feature means that an Activity Center that is typically used between 6-12 month of age can now be used by a child up to 5 years old. 4) We have built an ecosystem that comprises stools, paper roll holder and other useful attachments. This makes this a unique Play Table that better suits the needs of a child. We have deliberately adopted a contemporary design language that is clean, more streamlined, less organic and yet without losing the curves and roundness that is typical of juvenile products. Colors are fun yet slightly muted and the overall impression is of a very well designed, high quality and high utility product. The major challenge of a juvenile product lies in the extensive list of regulated safety requirements that requires us to balance design, product features and engineering aspects which we believe we have done perfectly with Oribel Portaplay

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