Look at a newborn baby. Within few years, this baby will have developed into a person who will dance, play princess or superman, play with cars and produce enormous amount of creative stuff. Through research, talks with parents, children and child development experts, we have tried to understand how we can facilitate a tidy kid’s room. The new FLEXA Shelfie system consist of 7 modules that can be customized and rebuild over and over again to keep up with the changing needs of children. Children love to display their personal belongings and collections. The open shelf system makes a perfect display for the child’s favorite toys, crafts or books. The great variety of boxes, drawers and cupboards makes it easy to keep a tidy, organized room and hide the mess away.
The new FLEXA Shelfie storage system is made from the finest pine wood combined with high quality MDF. The stout wooden poles and smooth rounded corners bring a approachable, modern Scandinavian feel to the new children’s storage. It can last a lifetime. We call it empathic design.

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