KOMPAN’s new developed indoor solutions are designed for today’s requirements for a modern institution. With long hours, spend in nurseries it is of utmost importance that the nursery indoor furnishing set up facilitates several needs regarding well-being and learning for the children and flexible possibilities for the staff to adapt to new situations during a busy day. The KOMPAN INDOOR concept works with the existing zones known in various institutions/kindergartens. The FLEX System makes it possible to divide larger rooms into smaller flexible zones; possible to support children’s activities and skills at the same time reduces noise, stress and potential conflicts while the children feel secure and self-sufficient. Arch Lake is a module of the FLEX System series. A play platform which is suited for fantasy and construction games in large or small groups. In addition to the freely combinable modules, it includes mats, foam pads, a corrugated aperture and a crawling tunnel. The chosen color theme orange and blue, supports the lively character of the product and promotes the joy of movement .

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