Working table with unit designed in form of a cockpit of a state-of-the-art
plane enables the children feel themselves as a pilot and have such an experience. Indicators of the product and the console were designed sticking to the originals. A real flight experience can be felt thanks to the flight sound in the cockpit. Bookshelf included in the unit is designed fully as a console with the indicators mounted and the design was given an integrity.It provides an environment to the children which would boost their imagination and which could be used as a working table and be included comfortably in their games. USB port, 2 loudspeakers, earphone inlet and Bluetooth included in the product provides the children to make an interactive connection with the product. It enables the user to charge its accessories as telephone and tablet PC and to listen to the music while studying lessons. The product was manufactured in conformity with TSE and TUV and GS (Europe) standards which contain requirements in terms of safety, health, aesthetics and ergonomy. The product is designed in disassembled form to provide design and ease of transportation.

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