Fantasy is a children´s furniture series characterized by function, safety, variability and colors.
Our intention was to create a playful approach to the children´s interiors. Cabinets are available in combinable modules with doors, shelves and plastic boxes. Castors with breaks provide mobility and variability.
The function and safety are ensured by using top quality materials and components incl. originally designed plastic handle embled in the cabinet´s door to eliminate injuries. The handle is a characteristic feature of Fantasy cabinets.
Designing the series we remembered to give the opportunity to designers and users to participate in the interior character with their own conception. Therefore it is possible to obtain cabinets with graphics in the form of foil stickers to ensure a distinctive look of the furniture. This completes the wide range of decors and colors.
Magnetic back allows the use of magnetic sets that support the educational character of cabinets.
Fantasy is used not only in kindergartens and schools for which was designed, but also in public children´s play areas such as libraries, cafes, car showrooms, etc.
Fantasy creates a playful space wherever you need.

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