The Joie™ Spin 360™ is one of the lightest and most compact spinning child seats on the European market. With a shell specially designed to prevent rebound upon impact, a rebound bar is not needed, allowing Spin 360 to consume less room within the vehicle.
The seat rotates a full 360° for easier child buckling and unloading, and locks into both rearward and forward positions. An extended rearfacing rating allows children to ride rearward from birth to 18kg, or forward from 9-18kg. Easy install ISOFIX base sports a load leg to reduce rotation and absorb energy upon impact.
Flex to fit features grow with children all the way up, including 5 recline positions for both rear and forward facing, a multi-height headrest and no-rethread harness system that adjust simultaneously with one hand, and a customisable 3-piece infant body and head support. All-round seat ventilation keeps little ones cosy even on warmer days, while easily removable soft goods make cleaning a breeze.

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