The Nuna REBL™ is the first car seat to successfully sport a 360º rotating seat that meets and exceeds the newest i-size standard, all while being cleverly convertible, from birth to 4 years.
Removable head and body inserts, no re-thread 5 point harness, and a one hand, 7-position headrest allow the seat to easily grow with the child. The 7-position recline works with the seat both rear and forward facing for relaxed riding no matter the age. Its 360º rotating capability makes both entering and switching riding positions simple –needing just a spin.
The design promotes safer riding for longer, as it can be used rear facing for up to 4 years (105cm), meeting and exceeding the i-size standard’s requirement of 85cm. Nuna’s patented tailor tech™ memory foam and the REBL’s removable head and body inserts provide superior side impact security. True lock™ technology within the REBL create a customizable, swift and secure install connection, courtesy of the 9-position ISOFIX anchors. In the event of a collision, its stability leg’s crumple zone absorbs impact and minimizes force to baby while its rebound bar helps minimize rotation.

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