“Safety seat, traveling bed, booster cushion & purse” in one device.

Most parents are familiar with the pains of moving the big and heavy child seats in and out of cars; Regular car seats take up too much space to store away quickly; They are often heavy and hard to handle which can also make them inconvenient for taking on trips, which meant we would have to rent an expensive and often filthy car seat locally; Parents need a car seat that is conveniently compact and can fulfill a multitude of purposes on family journey.

Our design team includes the mechanical engineers from the child seat factory and the specialist from impact test lab, the young parents and the salesmen in the baby product shop. This team knows what exactly to design for what exactly the parents need, based on the professional knowledge, the parenting experience and the users’ complaint.

To solve these problems our professional team designed this product: install & remove within seconds on plane, in rental/family car or taxi; occupies the space of a purse; save cost on a rented car seat; multi-functions; convenient protection for the child on trip; comply with ECE R44 E4 safety certificate; etc.

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