Nadó by Be Cool O3.

The new latest generation car seat designed to guarentee maximum safety for child in the car from newborn (40 cm. tall) up to 4 years old, approximately (105 cm. tall).

It offers the possibility of extending its use in the rearwards facing position for the entire duration of its use or switching to the forward facing position when the child is 75 cm tall until the end of its use when the child is 4 years approximately.

-Intelligent use

A. New generation of child restraint system.

-Regulation 129 isze CRS rearward facing for 40-105 cm / Forward facing for 75-105 cm.

B. Innovative LCD screen with indicators for correct installation

-The CRS can be rotated with just one hand

-Child seating position 90º to the driving direction.

-Improved SPS (Side Protection System)

C. New mattress pad with extrafoam designed for greate comfort and safety.

-Cushion insert to be used for newborn babies.

The design of the child seat is inspired in the egg shape, with clean and rounded lines to trasmit to the costumers high level of protection combined with advanced features.

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