We are pleased to introduce the new child seat LAON of SOONSUNG CO., LTD.
LAON child seat is an economic and practical child seat for newborn babies and children aged up to 7 years(0~25KG)
It is an exclusive ISOFIX product that uses ISOFIX, the standard child protection equipment of ISO, and is separated into the base to mount ISOFIX and the child seat for a child.
The biggest features of LAON child seat are the compact size and the storage function of the support leg different from the previous child seat base.
The child seat and the base can be kept separately, which allowed the smaller package volume. LAON child seat has three different modes and each mode has its own angle.The mode for each angle is designed ergonomically for safety and physical growth of children.
LAON child seat studied the structure of the child seat and the safety of children based on a number of CRS tests and takes them its top priority.
It is the all-in-one child seat which integrated the ergonomic design and structure, various convenient functions, and sophisticated design.

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