This product is a protective device for children in a car that can reduce the impact that a child gets at the time of a car accident. The biggest advantage of the product is the system that makes you feel comfortable like a baby in the womb of its mother as if an egg covers up and protects the yolk. The angle of the seat and the height of the head rest are adjustable depending on the development state of children from a newborn baby to children under 7. Therefore, it can be used continuously for a long time by classifying it into three phases (baby mode, toddler mode, child mode) largely. The car seat applied with three-layer side impact protection system can prevent shaken baby syndrome. The low gravity design that enhances the shock index of dispersion maintains the safe distance within the vehicle in a collision of vehicles. The material of the car seat is Urethane Foam with low elasticity in a dual form both of the body and the buffer of the car seat which absorbs the shock, reducing the impact the child has. The cushion feeling like memory foam provides convenience to seat.

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