The brand new BABY-SAFE i-SIZE SYSTEM composed of an infant carrier and an Isofix station matches the latest safety standards of ECE R129 and is suitable for newborns till 15 month respectively a body height of 83cm.
The combination of infant carrier and base guarantees to find the most ergonomic and safest lay-flat position (4angles) for the baby, independent from the steepness of the bench. The „click in“ fixation is time saving and facilitates the installation of the infant carrier in each car.
The energy absorbing newborn insert keeps the baby save, grounded and comfortable. Patented energy absorbing elements on each side of infant carrier reduce the force of a side crash and can be adjusted individually and adapted to the required space in each car. These elements are integrated into the carry handle and accentuated as each functional part in a different colour and designed intuitively to guide the consumer in daily use.
The softly flowing and closed shapes of the system with integrated operations already visualise safety and security. This perception is underlined by the effect that the egg shaped infant carrier fits nicely and tightly in its´ safe nest – the FLEX BASE.

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