Baby First V505A is Group1/2/3 car safety seat and applicable for the children weighing 9-36kg.
The innovative onboard safety belt installation mode adopts 3-POINT fixation to make the seat more stable and reliable, and behave excellently during impact test. It may be installed in onboard 3-POINT safety belt manner and also in the ISOFIX+TOP TETHER special port manner. It fits a wide range of cars and is easy to install. The thick lateral anti-collision system and the super-strong energy-absorbing material provide considerate protection for your child. It adopts multiple designs for easy use: the seat back’s 3-position inclination angle can be adjusted at any time during application, the headrest is provided with interlinked stepless adjustment, the isofix is flexible and is provided with unlocking, the green indication system can avoid wrong installation. Moreover, its shape is elegant and in smooth streamline, and ergonomic as well, bringing your child comfortable experience.

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