1000 Calendays is made one by one corresponding to the birthday of the baby.
It should be a good way to express the parents’ desire to give the baby the most special love.
“Parents can record everything that happened from the day that baby was born to the 1000days.”
Under the number “1”, the baby’s birthday is printed. It is the most symbolic day shows the birth of the baby has begun a new world.
At the top of the calendar, printed a message with the baby’s name that allowed him to see how big the baby was.
Not only is this calendar useful for recording every moment, it is also beautiful.
With the gift we gave you on top of the natural wood Plate that looks like nothing, you can complete the design of the most beautiful calendar in the world.
You don’t need to worry if you are not good at pretty handwriting. With the pencil and the lettering stickers, every moment of your baby can be recorded beautifully.
These all items can be kept in this box forever and safely.
After 20 years, the baby gets this calendar from you will shed tears before he or she opens the box. As soon as the baby sees the birthday and name on the box, will feel love that parents has kept in the box.

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