LG Hausys Z:IN is the first master brand of total interior materials including windows, wallpapers, floorings and surface materials. Z:IN Square is 3-story flagship showroom; the first floor is a café as well as interior trend zone for communication; the second floor is a product library where you can choose a number of interior materials of Z:IN freely; and the third floor is a complex cultural space with a seminar hall for lectures and a reception room. The main concept, Square, embodies, ‘plaza(open space)’, ‘multiplication(improving quality of life for customers)’ and ‘square deal(trustworthy and fair distribution)’ The square motif is applied consistently to the whole mass shape, functional spaces, ceiling, façade and furniture design. Moreover, the color identification that haves gray and white as basic colors redounds to the brand color and products Z:IN. The colors, burgundy red representing Z:IN and charcoal gray symbolizing space, speak for the meaning and value of space. When it comes to the characteristics of design, Z:IN Square focuses on maximizing the sense of exhibition and availabilities of each spaces, and building the identity expressing the brand image of Z:IN.

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