The ZIGZA concrete bench system has been developed in connection with a public space renewal programme in Budapest. Social activities, like meeting and chatting among the locals were especially emphasized in this project. To meet this general expectations I have designed a concrete bench system which makes possible to create various meeting points and is strong enough to resist the weather conditions and vandalism. The ZIGZA concrete bench system gives a design tool to architects and landscape architects. Mirroring, rotating and placing the base element makes possible to create various bench compositions: linear, central, branchy or closed bench shapes can be formed, based on the local circumstances and needs. Even in the first drafts, in collaboration with the VPI Concrete Manufactory we started to elaborate the moulding process and the concrete mixture based on the latest concrete technologies. The High Performance Concrete (HPC) delivers a very smooth surface which allows to create fine concrete graphics. The ZIGZA concrete system is made in series production, but thanks to the graphics and the endless variety of concrete colours, it is always a bit unique.

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