zibb – at Home in Berlin and Brandenburg

The new flexible 220 square meter studio with its loft type character refers to an urban lifestyle in the heart of the metropolitan region of Berlin-Brandenburg. The set is designed as a bright, open space, with many opportunities for entertaining “insights and outlooks”, as well as providing the “entrée” for the evening program of the rbb.
The backdrop consists of naturally composed contrasts between stone, exposed concrete and high-gloss surfaces. A rotatable light desk and comfortable sofa positioned in the centre provides an attractive setting for exchanges with up to seven guests.
The most important requirement for the set design is flexibility. The studio offers exciting camera angles and terrific visual possibilities for a broad range of topics.
The seamless plasma displays and a 17 square meter digital video wall forms the heart and “window” of the studio. It provides ample space for impressive presentations and interaction. The vidiwall provides a powerful and emotionally engaging background for the moderation of events, such as concerts or sporting events, but also current affairs and events such as sudden floods in the region.

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