China Zen exists to today and all through is experiencing evolution including the integration with modern life.The designer started from the principle “Interior Is the Extension of Architecture” and conducted scheme in the range from external outline to internal decoration orderly.There used to be seafood restaurant ran business in the site and then the designer devoted to casting a brand-new exhibition & sales center on the base of discarded remains after it dismissed from there.Therefore,it’s preferred to be re-use of old building rather than a truly constructed one.The designer utilized the ingenious plan in Chinese Quadrangle to the overall program so as to bring out simulation of traditional garden design in China.In that case,the interior space retreated backward around 10m and freed more space to the waterscape as transitional section connecting outer area and interior area.Conventional icons and symbolized signs are abandoned and the designer just applied straight grids made from composite teakwood as the fundamental element anywhere.The main interior space consists of reception area,negotiation area,exhibition area and VIP room.

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